About Us

Bogarts Smokehouse, originally managed by pit master Skip Steele, is managed by Mike Macchi and manager’s Brian Scoggins and Niki Puto. Read their histories below:

Chef Skip Steele
soaked up his BBQ knowledge from the osmosis of his homeland….Being raised in the bbq capital, Memphis, Tennessee. By 14 he was designing and building grills, opened his first bbq store while in college and over the years his bbq travels have taken him from New York to Las Vegas.

Michael Macchi
, known to most as Macchi, may be newer to the BBQ business but he is no stranger to the industry. Macchi was born and raised on “The Hill” and has been working in a restaurant, in some capacity, for the majority of his life. Macchi has over 35 years expereince in the restaurant business and also holds a culinary degree from Forest Park College. After taking a much needed break from the business and researching other options, Macchi realized that the restaurant business was where he belonged. When he heard that Mike Emerson and John Matthews were opening a smokehouse he contacted Mike to see if this could be the change he was looking for. Thanks to John and Mike, he has found a new love in BBQ and is happy to be back in the kitchen. Having formed a new restaurant family and working side by side with a great crew, Skip Steele, Brian Scoggins, Niki Puto and Macchi are now looking forward to the rewards and challenges of their new smokehouse, Bogart’s.

Brian Scoggins
met Skip Steele fourteen years ago and the rest is history. You can read about it in his upcoming novel: “The life and times of B. Scoggs”

Niki Puto
 has been in the hotel/restaurant industry since she was sixteen. It’s been a great journey and she’s looking forward to queing with three of the best guys that she knows.

Bogarts Staff